Tung-Sol 12AX7 re-issue


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High gain, low microphonics, big tone. Use the Mullard CV4004.

Tung Sol 12AX7 re-issue

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  • Tung Sol 12AX7 re-issue


The Tung Sol 12AX7 is warm and big musically. Very consistently made tube. High gain, super low microphonics, and superb linearity with a three dimensional tone. For more clean headroom in your amp, order this tube with the low gain option at no extra cost.(Similar to a 5751 in gain). Avoid these in high voltage cathode follower (CF)spots.


Tung-Sol 12AX7 Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Awesome tube for V1 Review by David S.
Since these came out, they have been one of my favorite choices for V1 tubes. They sound great, and I've never had one with noise issues. I have used them as V1 in A Carvin Vintage 16, Marshall TSL122, Mesa Boogie DC-5, Carvin MTS3212, Carvin X-100B, etc. (Posted on 6/28/17)
Super sweet Review by Tim VA
Thanks for the recommendation of this tube in the V! position in my Egnater Rebel 30. I have put them in this morning and spent over an hour just playing around and truly enjoying the tone. Channel volume was much punchier.....
Thanks again. (Posted on 4/20/17)
They say not to do all the same tube but.. Review by Jeremy
I have a Randall Diavlo head that's a very dark amp, and very high gain. It didn't like JJs at all, and it loved Mullards on the cleans but they were strange on the red channel. EH were pretty blah. Chinese 9th gen were very high gain, but fizzy. Where the amp really sounded the best overall was with Tung Sol in V1-V2-V3, all of them. (No CF position.) It liked a LPS in V4/PI, and with this compliment the amp can easily run with others that cost WAY more. Check out one of these heads if you have the chance. (Posted on 3/10/16)
Marshall DSL 40 C Review by Chris
I could like this in v1 and v2. In v1 it's deep with less gain. Very nice single note tones. It's.scooped and lots of bottom. Better sounding in v2 seems to add fullness to the distortion. (Posted on 11/20/15)
Tung-Sol RI in V1 & V2 of Marshall 1923c (DSL 50 combo) Review by James
I had ruby 12ax7 ac5 hg's in my amp. I replaced them with Tung Sols in V1 and V2. The tubes gave this amp a nice breakup with a more 3D sound and feel, just more depth and tone all around. Not only was the tone improved, but these tubes are pretty quiet. I used a ruby hg+ in V3 and a Sovtek 12ax7 LPS in V4 (PI). I highly recommend this tube array in a DSL 50 for a very versatile sound palette. Definitely worked wonders for my clean tone, very classic rock/ blues friendly tubes. (Posted on 5/26/14)
High Gain,Scooped mids, Big Bass. Review by Omar
Using this tube is like hitting the bright/presence button in your amp. Highs are a little on the too much side but still they sound great. Mids are somewhat scooped and bass is strong too. Plenty of gain,just second to JJs ecc83s. (Posted on 5/24/14)
Hot Rod Deville has never sounded this alive!! Review by Adam
Just wanted to say thank you so very much! If anyone has a Hot Rod series amp and wants it sound like you always dreamed it would and thought it should then you need to talk to these guys! They recommended tung-sol 12ax7 in v1, Ruby 7025SS HG in V2, JJ ECC803 in V3 for the pre-amp, and Tung-Sol 7851's in the power amp! I've tried quite a few different tubes and combinations in this amp and haven't ever heard it sound this incredible! A musical monster climbed inside my amp today d@mn it has a mean bark! I will definitely be doing more business w you guys in the future! Thanks again guys (Posted on 10/19/13)
VHT Ultra 6 retube(TS 12AX7 V1) Review by Jim
I just bought the following tubes from you at your recommendation for my VHT Ultra 6 (Amperex 7408, Tungsol 12AX7, Ruby 12AX7).........and WOW!!!!! what an awesome change to the VHT. Thanks for all your help and I will be buying more tubes from you in the future.
Jim (Posted on 9/12/13)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe retube(Tung-Sol 6L6GC-STR, TS 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG, Sovtek LPS) Review by Chuck
I just wanted to say that I have the tubes installed and it was a
phenomenal difference in sound.
Thanks for suggestions, now I want to experiment!

Chuck (Posted on 6/12/13)
My go-to V1 preamp tube Review by Ed Guilherme
I've been using the Tung-Sol reissues for a while now, in several amps. Peavey 5150, Mesa Rectoverb, Egnater Rebel 30 & currently in my Renegade. Quiet, nice depth with plenty of gain & harmonics. Great clarity too. I highly recommend this tube! (Posted on 5/3/13)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe retube(TAD 6L6GC-STR, Tung-Sol 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG, JJ ECC803) Review by Tad
Doug, thanks so much for the tube recommendations, the amp sounds great- Much warmer and fuller, it has a lot more life in it now! Thanks again,
Tad (Posted on 1/28/13)
Pignose G40V retube(TS 6L6GC-STR, TS 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG, JJ ECC803 Review by Curt
The tubes you sent me for my G40V Pignose sounded great thanks, curt (Posted on 1/28/13)
Fender Excelsior(JJ 6V6, low gain Tung-Sol 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG) Review by Scott
Doug, just wanted you to know that I replaced the tubes in the Excelsior with what you sent...wow, much improved! I may order another set soon as I'm thinking about picking up a 2nd Excelsior...for the $$$, it's one of the real bargains I've run into in recent years, great for low volume gigging and can't wait to record with it...Thanks again, All the Best ~ Scott (Posted on 1/21/13)
Vox AC15HW1 preamp tubes(Tung-Sol - V1) Review by Tony
The preamp tubes you suggested really brought the amp to life! Thanks again.

Tony (Posted on 12/26/12)
Tung-Sol 12AX7 reissue sounding nice! Review by Doug
Just tried the Tung-Sol reissue in V1 of my preamp and I must say it really sounds nice in the bogner. All Chinese tubes in other slots except LPS for loop and phase inverter. Anyway the sound is nice and articulate with good gain. A little more "hi-fi" maybe? Thanks Doug! (Posted on 10/20/12)
Tung-Sol in V1 Slot of an Engl e530 Preamp... wow! Review by Demon Crusher
I was using some Penta 12ax7-B in my new Engl e530 to replace the stock tubes it came with. Sounded great. Had two Tung-sols sitting around that I hadn't used that I got from Doug a while ago. Decided after having and getting to know the e530 for a couple of months to try out the Tung-Sol. I would very much agree with the "warm and big musically" as mentioned in the above review. Wow. The Engl opened up nicely. Still heavy as hell, but clear and certainly big. Highly recommended. (Posted on 7/1/12)
Excellent Driver Tube for a Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout Review by Thomas
I put this tube in the driver position of my WAS and it opened the sound up considerably. "Warm and big musically" is an accurate description of this tube and I'm very happy with the results. (Posted on 5/18/12)

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