Ruby 6L6GCMS


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Ruby 6L6GCMS

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Brand new from Ruby Tubes, this is a black plate short bottle with side getter's and a clear top from the Shuguang factory in much tight, chimey tone. We like these a TAD better than other short bottle blackplate 6L6GC's out there.

Customer Reviews

Mesa Express 5:50 retube Review by Niko

I just installed the tubes. The amp seems to have a higher output, the added gain has some background noise when I crank it up.
Finally, this amp has some gonads! You helped transform it from a Mesa Nothing to a Mesa Boogie! This amp was too well behaved, thanks for helping me corrupt it, LOL.

Take care,
Niko (Posted on 4/8/17)
Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Review by Bill
Hi Doug,

The tubes are absolutely fantastic! Like others I read in the testimonials with Mesa Express 5:50 amps, I was ready to sell it. The hiss was unbearable and the tones across the channels were a mess. The new tubes cleaned all that up and I'm loving the amp again.

Thanks again and when I get ready to retube the Twin I'll send in another order.

-Bill (Posted on 4/30/16)
Instro Surf, looking for that hard-working output sound (or a full-bodied sgl-coil rhythm sound) ? Review by Wes
Doug's recommendation was spot-on!

Amp is a Vibrolux Reverb, single coils on the guitars. Previously running a nice matched set from Doug that had loads of clean headroom but most of us can't turn our amps up to take advantage of where the output stage of a Fender really starts to live & work hard. Doug suggested these, specifying early distortion. No issues in biasing from the previous tubes, small turn on the bias pot. For those who haven't tried them it doesn't take your sound & turn it into a fuzzbox. But the tubes do start to "bloom" earlier on the dial. They are very full throughout the sonic range and actually more trad "Fendery" than my old ones (which I'll keep if I ever need the occasion to turn up to 7).

For indoor venues or recording purposes these are perfect. Nothing does that tone in the output stage like the output stage - no pedal does it, period. Not distorted, but like the power tubes are earning their keep. One other thing I noticed after a/b'ing the tubes & recording the result is that the fullness actually makes the previous ones sound a tad nasally, which doesn't go away unless they get to run hard. These are great and let a Soul Food boost (barely cracked open) do its thing in a neutral, full way without also adding its own character. These would also be great for a full-bodied rhythm tone. I had hesitated at getting something categorized as "early distortion" but really that just means they're coming into their own a little earlier. Doug knows his stuff and these are a great bargain. (Posted on 3/15/16)
plexi tone Review by Lloyd
I bought these 6l6GC high gain put them in my bugera 6260 pulled the 2 outer tubes to lower the wattage and this tube on clean sounds acdc like tone clean and punchy love on gain channel sounds just as good as the ruby hg el34s but the clean is where i notice the acdc type sound love it way better than the stock bugera tubes night and day (Posted on 9/10/15)
crema wheat Tungsten Review by Bob
Hey Doug
Great recommendation. I have owned skunks to classic great sounding NOS and these are at the top soundwise not to mention the price! What sort of hours playing time longevity can I expect? I think these are running a bit conservative as the amp is designed for 6V6 or 6L6 and I am running a 5u4.
(Posted on 8/4/15)

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