Svetlana Winged =C= EL34


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Customer Reviews

THD Univalve Review by Jeff

OMFG Dude ... You ROCK !!!

EXACTLY what I was looking for ... You NAILED the tone

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me with my Univalve (and sending out some top notch tubes)

Your ANOS RCA 12AX7 went directly into V1
My ANOS RCA 5751 moved over to V2
Your SED =C= EL34 went into Output

This is a whole new amp ... Smooth early breakup and killer crunchy Marshall tones

I literally played for almost an hour with the amp completely FLAT (all at 12 o'clock) before I even touched a knob !!!

My speakers still suck, but that is my next hurdle ... After that we can talk about some "tweaks"

Best Regards,
(Posted on 6/8/17)
Excellent EL34 for my preferences! Review by Keenan
My favorite tones are of the "older" Marshall variety, mid-late 60s non master volumes- loud and cleaner than say EVH's (awesome in its own right) "brown sound." These really nail that cleanish warm bouncy character that I love so much about 60s Clapton and Hendrix. They'll still break up beautifully when pushed harder- top end is rounded off and sweeter as compared to any JJ or Ruby's I've tried. Doug's is AWESOME for offering a "later breakup" option for those of us with 50-watters, and for burning in and matching SO closely. Thanks!! (Posted on 5/10/13)
Exquisite Home Stereo Tube And Reliable Too! Review by hifi
I've tried EH, Mullard Reissue, and now the =C=. These are the best. After hearing these I could never go back to the others. BTW, I got these USED. They are dated 0804. Warm and balanced sound when running in ST-70. Biasing is set and forget. Audiophiles, you will not be disappointed! (Posted on 8/4/12)
SED Winged=C=EL34 - very nice tube Review by ace
I have a pair in my one of my amp heads - DSL50 and they sound close in sound quality as some of the NOS tubes I own.
They seem to match that amp well. Nice tight and deep low end. Very smooth distortion break up when pushed hard. Never brittle sounding. Very touch sensitive tube with nice dynamics and warm sounding.

My search is over for a tube to match up with this amp head. Decently priced but well worth the extra $ compared to Svetlana and other new production brands out there. (Posted on 6/17/12)

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