Ruby EL34 BHT


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Developed for high plate voltage applications.

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Ruby EL34 BHT

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  • Ruby EL34 BHT


The Ruby EL34BHT's were developed for very high plate voltage applications. They have the same gold plated grid and extra thick glass as the BSTR's, but with the addition of welded wings on the plates these are a perfect option for Bogner amps and others. The tone is sweet on top with a perfectly balanced mid-range emphasis, not too compressed, and a firm focused low end that has become a favorite choice for hifi applications.

Customer Reviews

Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Review by Adrian R
Bottom line, two words come to mind after installing these tubes in my Jubilee; high fidelity! Wow, the Jubilee is one of Marshall's greatest high gain amps, and this tube seems to be the perfect match. I've tried Tung Sol EL-34s, Shuguang EL-34Ms, Sino/Shuguang EL-34Bs, Ruby EL-34BSTR and now this tube. I by far like this tube the most. It's very easy to control, reasonably quiet, biases quickly, and remains stable. Very warm, natural Marshall voicing is apparent, well balanced, and most of all is the overall fidelity, I love it.. Such detail in everything I play, clean or dirty... Great sounding tube. One thing, if you get these make sure you run them for several hours. The tone at first was good, but after running at idle for like two hours, tweaking the bias for a perfect match afterwards, wow.. the tone improved considerably. Incidentally, I also have these in a modded Marshall DSL 100, they sound awesome in that amp too...very similar, high fidelity tone. Highly recommend these tubes for any high gain Marshall. Lastly, I must comment on the order. It was shipped promptly and professionally. Very happy. (Posted on 3/28/18)
Plexi 50 Review by Nils
Hi Doug

Just wanted to let you know I'm really digging the EL34BHT's - they're a little crisper and sharper sounding than the E34Ls I've been running since forever. I was a little freaked out because the bottles are nearly a cm different in length, but the tubes are performing exactly as advertised. It's reassuring to see there's more than one decent option for modern EL34s!

Thanks for your help.

(Posted on 9/13/16)
Just what the Dr. ordered Review by jamie
Hey Doug,

Thanks for the advice on tubes. After doing quite a bit of research I finally made the decision to mod my 20th anniversary Shiva from KT88's to EL34's. These were actually recomended to me from the Bogner shop and they even mentioned you by name as a place to get them. Pretty good endorsement if you ask me!

My KT88's were starting to get noisy and after checking their bias they had drifted really bad in a matter of weeks. Enter the mod and these gems. They sound great and are very quiet. Nice job on the matching too. After biasing they weren't even one point apart from each other!

I'm an EL34 guy at heart so with the extra midrange and a little more grind on channel 2 I'm loving the new tones! Packaging was awesome as usual, ship time was great as well. I'll keep coming back!!! (Posted on 7/22/16)
Returned my tone to my Shiva! Review by Nick
Hey, Doug...

Got these for my green chassis Shiva (EL34 w/ reverb) and my tone is back! When I could no longer get SED's consistently, I thought my only option for the Shiva was the JJ E34L. That tube, frankly, made my Shiva sound like utter dog crap. The highs were thinner and lost their sweetness, the mids were too hard and the amp had too much resonance/bass. The BHT's brought all those things back to my tone, especially at band volumes. (Posted on 5/5/16)
bugera 6260 Review by Lloyd
i just want to say, you is da man, i have bugera 6260 the stock tubes great on clean, but some thing was missing on the gain ,i tried your ruby el34 bht power tubes along with a britsh series 100 watt carvin speaker and wow what a difference i now have a 1970 plexi sound, great!!! Thanks again doug you is da man (Posted on 7/17/15)
el34bht quad Review by John Defusco
these tubes are the best current production el34 if you ask me. I put them in every amp I own! Doug is a great guy to deal with and also a cool guy to shoot the shit with about tubes. He really knows his stuff and does not beat around the Bush. Super fast shipping also! Thanks again Doug this must be number 6 or BHT quads lol (Posted on 3/11/15)
1978 Marshall JMP 100 Review by Keith
These are great tubes. They sound really punchy, yet smooth. After some time playing, they're really sounding the way I like. Thanks Doug. (Posted on 2/13/15)
Metropoulos 50 watt Review by Bob
Hey Doug,

Thanks for the advice and the tubes. I'm REALLY happy with this purchase. My amp sounds badass... I can't stop playin'!!!

Bob S (Posted on 8/8/14)
Bogner Shiva retube Review by Chris
Thank you for the tube recommendations for my Shiva. It sounds better then ever and is dead quiet! The Ruby EL34BHT's are a wonderful replacement for the old SED winged Cs and I will let all my guitar buddies know where to purchase them! The 12AX7AC5 HG+ pre's really make the Shiva shine. No more noise, the clean side is heaven, and the gain side roars!

I would also like to comment on the packaging / shipping. I ordered on a Thursday evening and had them in my amp Monday afternoon. The packaging was superb and gave me complete confidence out of the box!

Needless to say you have one very happy customer. Thank you.
(Posted on 4/29/14)

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