EL34 / KT77 / 6CA7

Popular in high powered audio and high end guitar amplifiers, characterized by greater distortion at a lower power compared to other power tubes. 



  • Electro Harmonix EL34

    Electro Harmonix EL34
    Very highly detailed, rich and smooth. Pairs and singles only. ****LIMIT 1 single or pair****
  • GE 6CA7

    GE 6CA7
    NOS General Electric 6CA7 power pentode
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    Gift Card 2022

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    Doug's Tubes Gift Card 2022
  • Tesla EL34

    Tesla EL34
    Tesla EL34, one single tube available. New Old Stock.
  • Tung-Sol EL34B

    Tung-Sol EL34B
    Great sustain, smooth distortion. ****LIMIT 1****

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