Ruby Tubes

Ruby Tubes

  • Ruby 5Y3GT

    Ruby 5Y3GT
    Ruby 5Y3GT
  • Ruby 6550A-STR

    Ruby 6550 STR

    Ruby 6550A-STR is a Chinese Shuguang(Sino equivalent) - selected by RUBY.

  • Ruby 6L6GCBSTR

    Ruby 6L6GCBSTR
    RUBY 6L6GCBSTR. Tall bottle, solid black plate. ****OUT OF STOCK****
  • Ruby EL34-CZ

    Ruby/JJ E34LCZ
    Ruby EL34-CZ
  • Ruby KT66C

    Ruby KT66

    Great cleans, with a nice grind. This Ruby tube is a re-labeled Chinese Shuguang tube

  • Ruby KT88-STR

    Ruby KT88 STR

    Select 3-hole plate KT88 made by Shuguang in China. Also re-marketed as Valve Art.

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