Mullard 12AX7 Re-issue


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Low noise, smooth tone, takes some of the harshness out.

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Mullard 12AX7

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  • Mullard 12AX7


The Mullard 12AX7 is a new sensor re-issue, and has been said by some of our customers to warm up the amp, and tame harshness. Low noise, and a smooth tone. These don't appear to light up because of the spiral filaments, please listen to your amp before emailing us about a DOA tube!

Customer Reviews

McIntosh 2300 Review by Mike

Doug -- I just started breaking in the Mullards, which I am using for my MM player and McIntosh Pre. After about 15 hours of use, they are really starting to break in well. The first thing I noticed was the color and bass. They are very musical without being bright. The bass is noticeably strong. Really like them. Thanks for the great recommendation! (Posted on 1/20/17)
Vox AC30c2/x retube Review by Frank

New tubes for my AC30 C2/X arrived on Wednesday. Installed and spent
Wednesday afternoon and evening, and lots of time yesterday with the

Your recommendation for me to use Sovtek EL84Ms, V1 = Mullard 12AX7 CV4004,
V2= Ruby 12AX7 7025SS HG, and V3= Mullard 12AX7 long plate is a HUGE
improvement compared to the JJs that I had in the amp, and far superior to
the OEM tubes.

As we discussed, I use my AC30 C2/X primarily for early British invasion
stuff, and your tubes certainly deliver that tone.

During my research to discover what tubes to use for the early "Beatles"
tone, I found that on forums the answers are all over the map, and mostly
did not make any sense at all. I know there are other players like myself
that look for the early Brit invasion sound from their late model AC30s -
maybe you should think of offering this as a tube set as the answer.

I'd like to mention, that to get that sound, guitars should be plugged into
the LOW input - especially for Casino's, Rickenbackers, and Gretsch's.

I am very pleased and excited with the tone, and I thank you!


Frank B.
Ormond By The Sea, FL
(Posted on 9/4/15)
Gets rid of the fizz in my 6505+ Review by Thomas
I just put a Mullard 12AX7 re-issue into v4 of my Peavey 6505+ and the fizz is completely gone... Using Ruby 12AX7AC5s in all other positions. This one tube transformed my amp from sounding like a can of bees into a focussed and articulate high-gain monster. (Posted on 5/26/15)
ENGL E530 Review by Adam
The RI Mullard 12ax7's rock! They make my Engl e530 smooth as silk while maintaining all that Engl upper mid aggression... I'd swear there's a ton more bottom end as well! Awesome!!!!


- Adam
(Posted on 12/18/14)
VOX AC30 Cranked Review by Davide
Mellow sound, flat response, stable at high gain stages. This is how original Mullard sound like!
Exactly what I was locking for.
Doug's matching rocks!
Thanks! (Posted on 9/2/14)
Metropoulos 50 watt(V3) PI Review by Bob
Hey Doug,

Thanks for the advice and the tubes. I'm REALLY happy with this purchase. My amp sounds badass... I can't stop playin'!!!

Bob S (Posted on 8/8/14)
Mid Gain, Low Noise, Balanced Sound Review by Omar
Tried it in all positions of my Randall NB King 100 Head. Very smooth highs,controled bass(not boomy). Mids are not nasal. Think about a flat eq sounding tube. Mid gain and very low noise. A little weak for my taste in V1, very good in V2,V3. All harshness and over brightness went away. (Posted on 5/24/14)
These tubes cook!!!! they are the most 3D tubes I've every heard/played through Review by Richard
I put 2 (so 4..)of these in my AD MP2 (s) 2 each.. they are without doubt (IMHO) the best (input) tubes I've ever come across in ~40 + years of playing. I love them, they are are so 3D(M) and responsive to the slightest left (I'm right handed) hand movement...I'm very much looking forward to trying the short plate version!.
Cheers R (Posted on 4/6/14)
Worked to tame brightness/harshness in RI Bassman Review by Derek
I was using a Tung Sol 12AX7 in v3 (phase inverter) of my reissue fender bassman and I found the sound overly bright and harsh - couldn't dial it out EQ wise. So I put a one of these Mullard 12AX7 in the phase inverter slot and it sounded great. The harshness was gone, the EQ responded better and the mids were fatter. The Mullard 12AX7 seems like a flatter responding/smooth/creamier tube which helped my bassman respond better. I use different tubes in v1 and v2. (Posted on 2/2/14)
Great V1 tube for the Mark V Review by Jacob
Normally I go with a Tung Sol in v1 on almost all my amps. I tried it in the Mark V, and didn't like it. However, the Mullard sounds amazing - very smooth, and killed some of the harshness of the lead channel. The description Doug has is very accurate, as I don't think I could describe it better. A definite upgrade from the stock Mesa tubes. (Posted on 7/22/13)

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