12AY7 / 6072

12AY7's will allow for a cleaner tone and a bigger sweep of the gain and volume controls on your amp. It's commonly used as the phase inverter in some hi-fi amps, Ampeg and Fender amps. 12AY7's have less gain than a 12AX7, 5751, and 12AT7, but more than a 12AU7.

For less gain, you can substitute with a 12AV7.

For more gain, you can substitute with a 12AT7, or a 5751.


  • JAN GE 6072A

    JAN GE 6072
    JAN GE 6072A/12AY7
  • NOS 12AY7

    NOS 12AY7
    Assorted NOS 12AY7 ****OUT OF STOCK****SEE JAN GE 6072****

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