EL84 / 6BQ5

EL84 tone can be characterized as chiming, treble-heavy, and articulate compared to other power tubes. The 6BQ5 is it's American equivalent.

  • Assorted NOS EL84

    Assorted NOS EL84
    Assorted NOS singles only.
  • Ei EL84

    Ei EL84
    Ei EL84's. 3 matched pairs available.
  • Gold Lion EL84

    Gold Lion EL84
    Beautiful, chimey tone. Very Controlled. ***OUT OF STOCK***
  • Ruby EL84CZ

    Ruby EL84CZ. Selected JJ EL84's. Punchy, nice low end definition.
  • Siemens E84L

    Siemens E84L
    Siemens E84L
  • Sovtek EL84

    Sovtek EL84
    Sovtek EL84. Great tone for an affordable price.

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