Power Tubes

Power tubes, or output tubes, continue to amplify the signal sent from the preamp section so they can drive the speakers. Each set of power tubes will draw a different current (measured in milliamps), affecting how fast the signal gets passed through your amp. The speed of this current will have a big impact of the tone of your guitar amp.


  • JJ KT77

    JJ KT77
    Very articulate tube. ***SINGLES ONLY***
  • JJ KT88

    JJ KT88
    Detailed character, tightly compressed bottom end.
  • Motorola 97-136A01

    Motorola 97-136A01
    Motorola 97-136A01 power tetrode
  • NOS 6AQ5

    NOS 6AQ5
    Assorted NOS 6AQ5
  • NOS 6AU5GT

    NOS 6AU5GT
    Assorted NOS 6AU5GT
  • NOS 6CZ5

    NOS 6CZ5
    NOS 6CZ5
  • Ruby 6L6GCBSTR

    Ruby 6L6GCBSTR
    RUBY 6L6GCBSTR. Tall bottle, solid black plate. New arrival!
  • Ruby 6L6GCM/5881

    Ruby 6L6GCM/5881
    RUBY 6L6GCM. Short bottle, grey plate. New arrival, limited production.
  • Ruby 6L6GCMS

    Ruby 6L6GCMS
    RUBY 6L6GCMS. Short bottle, black plate.

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